Custom Drum Tracks

Admit it.  We’ve all used drum loops or drum samples at some point in our songs.  It’s a quick fix to the huge problem of finding the right player and place to record your own custom drum tracks.

custom drum tracks

At first, drum loops and samples sound really good.  Most of them are being recorded in commercial studios with professional drummers so they sound flawless.  Most loop libraries are taking well known session drummers and putting them in a box for you.  Drum loops have individual creative characteristics like live drums do, but that manufactured beat wasn’t created with you in mind.

You know those hit songs you can identify in the first five seconds?  Think for a minute why those songs stay so fresh in your ears.  The answer is simple.  Those songs have a unique sound and way of performing that even your grandma won’t forget.

When you’re tired of sharing the same drum loop with a thousand other songwriters, custom drum tracks will be worth the effort and the money.  A live drummer creating custom drum tracks will get you a unique sound, something that belongs only to you and separates you from the crowd of everyday songwriters.

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