DrumTracks.com is a community for songwriters and musicians to discuss, share, and improve their songwriting. With the drums taken care of, you're free to think creatively about the most important part of your craft: the song. Don't worry about trying to think like a drummer while sequencing samples and loops. Let DrumTracks.com do the thinking for you.

With the help of StudioPros.com, we have created a way for songwriters everywhere to build their songs based on any drum track chosen from our massive online library. But this isn't a collection of loops and samples; these are full-length drum tracks recorded by professional studio drummers. Each track evolves and grows organically for a much more authentic and dynamic feel than plugging in a drum loop. Not only do these tracks take the guess work out of trying to "think like a drummer," they save hours of time that would have been spent sequencing and piecing together a part that just wouldn't sound as natural.

Additionally, all tracks on DrumTracks.com are edited to a grid, so the songwriter is not completely at the mercy of what the drummer chose to play. Tracks can easily be cut apart and rearranged to the songwriter's liking, with little to no editing or cross-fading required. Now anyone can have one of the world's top drummers playing on their song without spending the money on a session player. And without having to make a trip to the recording studio, there are no time constraints or microphone setups required.

We offer three types of licensing, including a non-commercial license, a commercial license, and an exclusive license which makes the drum track yours (and only yours) to use forever. It's easy to get started. Browse through the forum, create a profile, and upload a song that you made using one of our drum tracks! Enjoy!

Elad Fish
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