The River (What We're Looking For)/ Arnold Bruveris
The River' by A & C Bruveris (c)2015

1. I know a man who went down to the river
Put his feet in, but nothin' really changed
But you and I, went out to the middle
And let the rhythm take... us away
I know a many who looked into the mystic
Didn't like what he saw.. didn't like where it went
But you and I could never live... so predictably

The river is deep, the river is wide
So hold on to me,... I'll take you to the other side
A heavenly choir... is on the other side
Singing..The city of lights... is what we're looking for..

About this song:
The complex feel and excellent flow of the track reminded me of Jeff Porcaro's playing 'Rosanna' by Toto. That kicked off a lot of ideas...

The River (What We're Looking For)

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This song was recorded using: Times In Your Life.
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