12 Dozen Red roses/ Jim Stevenson
She arrived in a snow white wedding dress, who's kidding who it should be dirty biege at best
I was rocking a crush velvet blue tux with a yellow cumberbun cost me 500 bucks
You left me standing at the altar, your black heart like the rock of gibraltor
And when the preacher asked why these two should not be wed, she ran out the back door, boy was my face red

12 dozen red roses and a 100 bottles of home made wine
Matching tatoos bleeding I love you, I must have been out of my mind

She took off with the wedding car, the honeymoon tickets and her bridesmaid Barb
Two weeks in sunny old Aruba while my life was going down the tube bah
Ladies and gentelmen and all your beautiful children, my wife like Elvis has left the building
No sense in running after her, plus i booked the wedding band they do a killer cover of Blur,( whoo, hoo)

repeat Chorus

About this song:
Loved the beat, had the idea of a Joe Dirt type guy being left at the alter, who really isn't that sad about her leaving, stays for the reception and helps drink all of the home made wine.

12 Dozen Red roses

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This song was recorded using: Surrender.
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